Welcome to ISMILE. We have been off to a great start and look forward to a great holiday season. Thank you to all the parents for their cooperation with all our students and their progress is evident. Please look over our picture section which shows some of our great outings and celebrations.

With summer rolling around faster than ever, we look forward to gathering up all our resources to make it a fun filled productive summer as in years past.

We will keep you posted on all new development.

Directions to our new facility:
From 36 Street- take 57 AVE into Miami Springs and about a mile down turn left after passing the Grace Lutheran Church (last left turn before reaching the big circle).

Please look into this website for more information about Applied Behavior Analysis and other available therapies for children with Autism ASATonline.org

30th March 2012
We started ISMILE 7 years ago to provide high quality services to children with Autism. All children with Autism deserve effective therapy regardless of their economic situation, thus we launched ISMILE to provide these services. We have seen children make great strides and look forward to many more this summer!
05th Feb 2011
I SMILE in the NEWS! First in the nation to take part in Certified Aquatics Program for Children with Special Needs.
07th Jun 2007
Five Miami Springs swimming instructors completed a specialized certification course Tuesday, making them the first in the country to be certified to teach children with autism.
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